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What are the Main Goals ?

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Typical Challenges XPRT-Sales will answer to :✔️

  • Investing to make your SC more resilient, Agile to respond to a disrupted world

  • Monitoring location of shipments & deliveries in real time, via any carrier or LSP

  • Getting predictive datas on ETA of each shipment

  • Getting Business benefits of a reliable and accurate ETA

  • Digitizing your SC transportation processes

  • Integrating new carriers via efficient On-boarding strategy

  • Getting the visibility of carriers and also their sub contractors 

  • Enabling greater visibility to real-time demand, rates & capacity

  • Matching demand with capacity more efficiently

  • Eliminating manual & paper based processes

A few XPRT-Sales metrics : ✔️

  • How reducing penalities , disputes -30%

  • Increase productivity of your team +35%

  • Reducing out of stock  -80%

  • Increase OTIF +30%

  • Getting a cloud based platform connected to > 120 TMS, >700 telematics systems

  • 70% of shippers will use cloud-based platforms when placing orders and tracking shipments

  • By 2023 , 50% of leading global enterprises will invest in real-time transportation visibility platforms

  • What are the main criterias for selecting a Real Time Visibility provider?

  • understand SC bottlenecks due to Covid 19

  • Investment for Digital SC : 60% invested by 2020, 22% planned to invest after 2020, 18% not Planned !

  • What % estimated transportation Spend per mode (Rail, LTL, TL, Private Truck , Ocean) on around 990 Billions $ ?

Let's discuss with XPRT-Sales to find the answers ✔️

The main Benefits for your Team ✔️:

  • Connecting leading industry matter experts with our Middle size or large T1 clients mainly in : Retail, FMCG, CPG, Industry, Manufacturing, Private Labels... 

  • Optimizing Revenue Growth and Maximization of Client Research Spends

  • Answering to Business-Critical & Pragmatical questions thanks to a curated community of Experts all over Emea (Nordics, UK, France, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Eastern countries) + Russia 

  • Learning Top Sales Ops Strategies During COVID-19 from Leaders Who Are Adapting in the Field

  • Sharing insights about Market trends affecting the multi enterprise Supply Chain business Network Market 

  • Bringing the Power of Insight to every great Professional better Decision about Strategy & Digital Business Transformation, Innovation Challenge, Business Impact, Disruptive Agile Technology, Competitive Landscape, Key Trends and Market Dynamics, Sustainability, SC Resilience, AI  as a serice which is the next Business Model of the Future

They Trust us : ✔️

Investors, Many start-ups,  SMEs or Large Accounts have trusted XPRT-sales for their business development . 

Our clients are mainly Companies, some of the largest private equity funds, management consulting  firms and service companies in the following sectors:

  • Fashion, luxury, DIY, Sports 

  • Food and Non Food Retail

  • Private Labels companies

  • New technologies

  • CPG

  • FMCG

  • Manufacturing

  • Industry

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