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About Xprt-Sales

XPRT-Sales mission is to engage the most relevant advisors to help Organizations to find the highest value for their Global SupplyChain Real-time Transportation Visibility, ERP, EAM, TMS or WMS solution and to identify the right Partner for their Company.

Through 100 % customised interviews, board membership or senior advisory.

No Seller, No Issue, No Sale, No Revenue !

XPRT-Sales help customers to simply compare different Leaders companies as it is very challenging to find the right key diferentiators among all these "leading providers".

XPRT-Sales break down the most common red flags to consider when vetting visibility platforms and how to spot them.We also commit on Compliance, quality , promptness and uniqueness of our interviews.

XPRT-Sales already has many customers such as :

Investment, Marketing, Consulting or leading software vendors.

​Our Network is mainly focused on Emea, USA and we bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.

For more information regarding XPRT-Sales practices in respect to personal information, please visit our privacy policy and if you have any project or question

Let us connect directly !

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Ceo Founder XPRT-Sales

+33 6 60 45 04 66

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